Thursday, February 24

the Benefits of Daily Meditation After Just 4 Days

After reading about a study that reported after just 8 weeks of daily meditation, brain matter density in the locations associated with memory, self, empathy and stress regulation had increased.

One blogger has posted 8 changes from just 4 weeks of daily meditation, and started noticing changes after the first day:

1. Removal of arbitrary rules. Learn to be flexible. "There is no perfect set amount or schedule that will keep you happy all the time."

2. Needless worrying decreased exponentially. "life goes on just fine without you being so focused on a singular issue."

3. Carpe Diem. "I've been going out a lot more, but oddly enough, also working harder and more passionately."

4. Larger personal problems... transformed into more manageable games and projects. "I feel like meditation puts me at the top of a mountain so I can see all my thoughts below, rather than being consumed by the pedestrian hubub at ground level."

5. Self-acceptance. "I now see many alternatives to problem-solving, including letting go, coping, seeking support, relaxing, or simply embracing my flaws."

6. Time wasting. "Meditation reminds me everyday of what a sane, mindful mind feels like. By having that as a daily reference, I can more clearly see how "insane" a lot of my former activities are."

Mindfulness in Plain English: Revised and Expanded Edition7. Emotionally Intelligent. "Meditation sort of puts your ear to the ground, and lets you hear the low-volume murmurs that are going on inside you."

8. Sharper. "Reducing anxiety and stress removes a major energy drain from your life."

Check out the full article, with greater more incisive commentary over at 8 Changes From Just 4 Weeks of Daily Meditation over at Philosophistry or check out Mindfulness in Plain English, a highly recommended book to help get started.

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