Saturday, February 19

I Would NOT Want To Go Back To Dial-Up: a Tenth of US Has No Broadband Access

Apparently, the US Commerce Department released a map of broadband access throughout the United States showing that a tenth of the country does not have broadband.
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Facts revealed by the map:

" Between 5 percent and 10 percent of Americans lack access to broadband access that is fast enough to handle downloads of some Web pages, photos and video or simple video conferencing services
* Two-thirds of schools surveyed have Internet connections that are slower than 25 megabits per second — well below the 50- to 100-megabit connections that state education technology directors say are needed to serve roughly 1,000 students
* Only 4 percent of libraries have connection speeds that are faster than 25 megabits
* Only 36 percent of Americans have access to wireless connections that are fast enough to be considered fourth generation, with download speeds of at least 6 megabits per second, although 95 percent of Americans have access to third-generation wireless service."


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