Monday, February 7

NASA Spacecrafts Reveal 3D View of the Sun

Stereo sun 3d nasa
In October 2006, NASA's spacecrafts dubbed "STEREO" (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) sending them off in opposite directions. Their misssion was to obtain 3D images of the sun.
Sunday was the first day we've been able to see the sun from the view on the other side of it.  The spacecrafts will get out of sync again, but excitingly enough, it will still provide 360° solar coverage for eight more years.
As life on Earth could not exist without the sun, having more data about how events happening on the far side (which wouldn't rotate into our view again for possibly a week or more) affect the rest of the sun.
Watch the video: NASA Spacecrafts Reveals the Entire Sun. Check out for a lot more indepth explanation.

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