Thursday, February 24

YouTube to Stream Live NHL & NBA Games?

Youtube stream live nhl nba games technology
YouTube's success in streaming the 2010 Cricket Indian Premier League, has led to the Google-owned company to negotiations with the NBA and the NHL to broadcast basketball and hockey games (Bloomberg). The success of last year's IPL cricket matches shows the average time spent on YouTube per user increasing from 15 minutes to 40.

It's not just North America that is in negotiations. Google is also courting pro soccer leagues in Europe. Though it will be costly, the ad revenue of an increase in viewership averages could make the venture quite profitable. More importantly, it would be another of the first nails in the cable TV experience's coffin.

YouTube is also trying to augment other content such as longer clips of movies and TV shows in direct competition to the Hulu's and Netflix or even live concert streams, such as the U2 concert in October 2009.

(via VentureBeat)

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