Tuesday, July 19

Civilization V Review

Civilization has been one of my favourite games since approximately 1994 when I discovered the original Civilization.

It was the scope of the game more than the actual gameplay mechanics that fascinated me. It gave me an understanding of how certain disciplines or fields of research came to be. Obvious logical things like, the discovery of the Wheel would have led to other advancements such as Animal Husbandry to Chariots to Roads. These were things I hadn't had an opportunity to ponder.

Civilization V was released in September of 2010. It's still a turn based quest with the same principles applied but with updated graphics and some new rules. Stacking is gone, city-states exist. There are new diplomatic choices such as pacts of cooperation and research agreements. There is also a much needed notification system that keeps you from missing important information like that a city is starving, or that your diplomatic ties to your allies need tending.

The graphics are great looking, but coming from the original civilization this is not surprising. Sound while making changes within a city made me smile, bringing to mind the natural din of a city.

It's a bit glitchy on the mac. I can only play in strategic view. Normal view has no terrain, just a blanket of grey, but that could be because my Macbook Pro is on the low end in specs for this game.

All in all, I'm happy with the game. It lived up to my expectations of the Civilization series. As always, I will be able to while away many many hours building civilizations, conquering everyone and then starting all over.

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