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Back to the Future on PS3

Telltale Games' attempt at the beloved Back to the Future series is an excellent beginning to a five-part video game series that starts just  after the third film ends. $20 on the PlayStation Network allows access to all episodes once available.
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At the end of the third movie, Dr. Emmett Brown hopped onto his time train and now and now Hill Valley collections is coming after Doc's assets as he hasn't paid his bills. As Marty McFly, your goal is to prevent Doc's secrets and inventions from being sold off. It's pure nostalgia as you see Doc's inventions from the movie series. You select objects, investigate, use items etc.

Damn you, Biff!
By the time the DeLorean shows up, we know hat Doc is in trouble, and now Marty has to discover what that trouble is and how he can help his best friend.
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Humor is an important part of the game. You have your choice of witty dialogue, as you control Marty's responses. Telltale's attention to detail is noticeable throughout the entire game.

The whole theme of the game is relatively simplistic. The actual puzzles in Back to the Future are clever enough but still on the simple side. The art style is also cartoonish, but well done.

On the PS3, in comparison to the PC version, there are frame rate issues and sound-video sync issues. The voice overs are very well done, with some of the original vocal cast returning. The music is also remarkably similar, though repetitive.

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