Tuesday, February 22

Google Street View - Potential Opposition in Israel

Google Street View may be an incredible step in the advancement of the technological wizardry of the 21st century. It has had it's share of opponents.

A fresh example is in Israel where some government officials are concerned that Google Street View in Israel will arm terrorists with extra information to carry out attacks on public figures.
Some Israeli cabinet members want a safe way for Street View to exist as it will help with tourism.

Google street view

Google has said, "We aim to offer the benefits of street-level imagery to users all around the world, however, we have nothing specific to announce at this time," and are in the works to bring Street View to Israel in the coming months.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Mordechai Kedar said, "We already have problems with Google Earth, which exposes all kinds of facilities." Palestinian militants have reportedly used Google Earth in the Gaza Strip.

If Israel does allow Google to proceed with Street View, no doubt sensitive areas will not be photographed, such as "streets where the prime minister and the president live, government compounds, security installations, power stations, foreign embassies and other high-security locations."

(via LATimes)

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