Tuesday, February 22

L.A. Noire: Background of an Upcoming Great Game

From PS3.IGN:
La  noire nerd major geek upcoming videogame
"L.A. Noire takes place during a time of social upheaval, when technological advancements force major changes that deeply affect the criminal underworld.

In Red Dead Redemption, it was the threat of modernization, which turned common outlaws to desperate acts. In Grand Theft Auto IV, technology and societal changes put the screws to organized crime and led rich crooks, feeling immense pressure from the feds, to turn on one another. And in L.A. Noire, once again Rockstar tells the story of a world on the edge of major changes and the effects it has on cops and crooks alike."

Yes, I enjoyed jacking cars in Grand Theft Auto, and "Dead Eye" in Red Dead Redemption was very fun, but more than that, Rockstar games have felt epic in that they are larger than just the hook elements that pull you in, greater than explosions and shooting missions, and humorous interactions between man and hooker.

Anyway, check out the rest of the article on L.A. Noire at PS3.IGN.

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