Thursday, June 23

Google's Clean Power Agenda

Okay. I'm a fan of Google. At first I was not. I railed against the idea of gmail. But here I am. And it's just these kinds of announcements that make it impossible for me not to be a Google fan:

Reuters: Google's Investment of $780 Million in Clean Energy

Wind farms, solar power, solar thermal.
SolarCity, Shepherds Flat (Oregon), NextEra (South Dakota), BrightSource (California), Solar Photovoltaic (Germany), ActaCell, AltaRock, RelayRides, WeatherBill, SilverSpring, Cool Planet Biofuels, Transphorm.

In my hippie-inspired, happy place, Google does these things solely because the world needs it, because it cares about the Earth, because it wants people to live happily together.

But, Google makes money. It puts it's money into intelligent ideas. It's positively progressive in profitable arenas.

Either way, I'm proud to support any company that is trying to help alternative energy gain a much-needed foothold.

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