Sunday, June 12

Why You Should Check Out the TV Show "Burn Notice"

1. Bruce Campbell!

I don't really get super excited over much these days. I think it's just a matter of getting older. However, seeing Bruce Campbell in anything makes me happy. The fact that the star of "Army of Darkness" wants to be a part of the show makes me want to check it out. Maybe he just needs more money. Either way though, I'm happy to see him in anything.

2. Helpful Tips For Those Covert Situations You Will Never Actually Be In But Feel Better Knowing How To Handle

Seriously, I've learned so much from the series. Like the analogy of surveillance and basketball player coverage. Or the necessity of paying attention to details, like if you're pretending to be someone, know the style of fighting they'd use. How to set up surveillance on the cheap.

3. It's A Spy Show That's About More Than Just Blowing Stuff Up (Though There's Some Of Course!)

All throughout the show (well, the episodes I've seen) the main character narrates a fascinating take on what it really means to be a spy. It's not all about fancy gadgets etc. Now I'm not saying that this show is necessarily factual in every instance. I've never been a spy. But what I do know is that it feels a helluva lot more real than most spy shows / movies I've seen. Explosions don't make me want to watch, rather the dryly delivered narration keeps me clicking next on the episode list.

4. It Doesn't Take Itself Too Seriously

Again, Bruce Campbell! But also the writing is witty and clever and just fun to follow. It's a drama yes, but it's a comedy equally.

5. The Actors Are Not So Ridiculously Good Looking That You Can't See Them Actually In The Roles

I hate it when the leads are so hot that it's distracting and you are constantly thinking they would never be in the situations / careers etc. I'm not saying the leads are ugly, but they look human and real.

6. Even Though It Is Episodic, The Bigger Picture Story Line Seems To Hold Up

I'm only halfway through season 2, so perhaps I just need some time to find that it sucks, but the fact that it's in season 5 now is a good sign.

7. Did I Mention Bruce Campbell Is In It? AKA This Show Is Funny

It isn't a dumb funny like some reality television shows you want to shut off after five minutes. It isn't bursting at the seams, laugh out loud funny. It's dry, it's witty, it's tongue in cheek. It's Bruce Campbell baby! But even the narration by Jeffrey Donovan is good (though props would go mainly to the writers) and of course, Sharon Gless from Queer as Folk (among other shows and movies).

So check this show out. It's something different. And with all the new television shows that come out multiple times a year, that's saying something.

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